Friday, November 22, 2013

High Five for Friday!

{one} We acquired a new-to-us desk from some friends, so we rearranged things to make the front room more of an office space for Mike. In the transition, Mike said he would be willing to part with the rug we had in that room: a dingy used-to-be-white rug with a former youth student's face on it. It was sentimental from his youth group days, but I was never a fan of this rug. I have complained fairly vocally made my opinion known about this rug since we got married, and he was finally willing to part with it. That's love :) We decided to move the blue rug in the living room {that does not match our new couch} into the office and get a new rug for the living room. I like it when things match.

{two} Yesterday was a humid 78 degrees. This morning, I woke up to a rainy 35 degrees. I think my warmer fall days are finally gone and the cooler weather is here to stay. I suppose it's time...especially since next week is Thanksgiving! :)

{three} next week is Thanksgiving. I realize it's a little late this year, but I still feel like the holidays have snuck up on me. Things have just been so busy, and it seems like it was August like yesterday. While I am ready for the breaks and the time to enjoy the festivities, there is a part of me that is just not ready for the busyness of the season. But ready or not, it's arriving next week!  

{four} We continued our Faith & Culture series this month with the topic: "How would Jesus vote?" I really enjoy this event our church does every month as a way to engage publicly on varying topics. Mike does such a great job of guiding the discussion and helping us navigate some touch topics, while encouraging us to have a {biblical} answer for what we believe.

{five} I recently realized I had a few extra vacation days left this year; I had saved them thinking I might need them for doctor appointments, but thankfully I haven't needed them for that. The days don't rollover for us, so I knew I needed to try to use them up if I could! As I was planning out the remaining vacation days for this year, I realized that I only have 1 more week in 2013 where I work a full week! The rest of the weeks, I only have a 4-day work week. Not bad. Not bad at all :)

Happy Friday!

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