Friday, November 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #550-642

550. Orange fall decorations.
551. Orange sunsets.
552. A sweet and thoughtful surprise from my Bible study ladies!
553. The leaves {sort of} falling for fall.
554. Catching up over warm soup and a potato with Laura.
555. The falling temperatures.
556. Thankful for vaccines to prevent the flu.
557. Letting go of heart desires to trust God.
558. First night of pre-marriage counseling with a couple in our church.
559. Thankful for was a tough week.
560. The reminder that this world and life are temporary.
561. BOGO free ice cream with my love at Baskin Robbins!
562. Thankful for the Spirit's restraint in frustrating situations.
563. An encouraging lunch with a family from Wind River Ranch.
564. A night at home alone.
565. Forgiveness and grace for when I am short with my husband.
566. Exciting announcements in our church!
567. Visitors to our home group.
568. Grilled quesadillas for dinner.
569. Stirring the pot of cilantro lime rice.
570. Eating a home cooked meal.
571. Praying over the women in our Bible study group.
572. Meeting a new family that has moved to McKinney.
573. Hearing answered prayer shared throughout our church.
574. Praise for sweet prayer partners.
575. Praise for dinner with supporters.
576. Praise for the gifts the Lord uses in each of us.
577. A sleepover night with some kids in our church.
578. Sacrificing time to serve others.
579. Long days at work that leave me dependent on Him.
580. Change of seasons.
581. Change of responsibilities at work.
582. Change of schedules.
583. Enjoying a day out with my husband.
584. Enjoying the zoo and the creatures God has made.
585. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine after the rain.
586. Pumpkin carving with our church family.
587. A house full of laughter and friends.
588. New friends in the neighborhood.
589. Bank holidays!
590. A day to sleep while it rains.
591. Dinner with friends and celebrating new babies.
592. Thankful for protection from sickness.
593. Thankful for sweet neighbors who open their homes.
594. Thankful for a fun movie night with my Bible study girls.
595. Leaves scented candle burning.
596. Conversations with my husband before bed time.
597. My husband heart in wanting to lead our relationship well.
598. Thankful for all of the rain to replenish the earth.
599. Discussing hard but timeless truths in a public setting.
600. Thankful for assistance with projects at work.
601. A win for Baylor homecoming.
602. Welcoming the newbie at work...and realizing how not too long ago it used to be me.
603. Coffee/Dessert with sweet supporters.
604. A morning to learn about holistic medicines.
605. Lunch with my aunt and the restoration of relationships.
606. Dinner with Mike's parents.
607. The Lord's constant provision.
608. Non-territorial churches in the city who want to partner together to spread the gospel.
609. A place to meet for our growing church.
610. The "problem" of too many women planning to attend our first women's retreat.
611. A sweet and generous vet who takes good care of our puppy.
612. The blessing of having our sweet puppy.
613. The calming silence in the mornings before the busy day.
614. Being still, knowing He is God.
615. The strength to make it through a long day.
616. Still thankful for much as I get frustrated with its cost.
617. Finishing {most of} my work before vacation.
618. Catching up with Laura...always an encouragement to my heart.
619. Time off work to visit my parents.
620. Travel safety to San Antonio.
621. Thankful for Mike's parents loving and taking care of Sasha.
622. The blessing of still having all 4 grandparents.
623. Enjoying dinner at Alamo Cafe with my parents.
624. Enjoying yogurt outside in the beautiful weather.
625. Breakfast with Lauren and Miguel.
626. Time spent catching up with high school friends at our reunion.
627. Thankful for all the Lord has done in my life since high school.
628. Humbling to spend time in prayer over the building.
629. Honoring to partner with other churches in spreading the gospel.
630. Happy for the partnerships in the gospel through the Acts 29 network.
631. Rest in Christ.
632. Comfort in Christ.
633. Freedom in Christ.
634. Thankful that getting to work before-the-sun-comes-up early is no longer a daily occurrence.
635. Thankful I am no longer dependent on caffeine.
636. Thankful for protection from the sickness around me.
637. Rainy days.
638. Feeling better.
639. Getting rest.
640. Generosity of church supporters.
641. Prayers of church supporters.
642. Encouragement of church supporters.

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