Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Redeemer Baptisms

Last night we had our first baptism service at Redeemer. Two of the women in our group wanted to be baptized, and of course we were more than willing to oblige!

Sami has been a part of our group from the beginning. Before we were even officially a church plant, she was faithful in attending our home group Bible study. 

From the beginning, she has been one of our biggest cheerleaders, constantly inviting people to our group. She was a part of our original women's Bible study group, and I have seen her grow so much in the past 2 years. It was such a joy to see her take that next step of faith in proclaiming Jesus in her life.

Yay Sami!

Dannie joined our group in the summer of 2012. She came from an irreligious, Buddhist background but difficult life circumstances caused her to seek answers from God. 

When she joined our group, she was learning about Jesus for the first time, and it has been such a privilege to watch her grow in her faith. I am excited about the new life she has confessed in Jesus and cannot wait to see how He uses her story to minister to others!

Yay Dannie!

We had the baptism service at a neighborhood pool, which made it an easy spot to then have a celebration party afterward. 

It was certainly an exciting day for Redeemer, and we praise God for all He has done in the lives of our church family!

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  1. This post brought tears of joy! Joy to see how God has worked in these two ladies lives and joy for how he is growing Redeemer Church His way.