Sunday, September 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #367-459

367. A place to call home.
368. Time reflecting on all the Lord has done for us.
369. Catching up with my newly married friend after her honeymoon.
370. Good results back from my bloodwork.
371. Impromptu lunch with my love.
372. The gift of the weekend.
373. Phone conversations with old friends.
374. The gift of seeing old friends.
375. Going to sleep early.
376. Sitting in our core team meeting, excited about what God has for us.
377. Sitting at dinner with new friends.
378. Sitting on the couch with the one you love.
379. The warm temperatures outside.
380. The cooler temperatures inside.
381. Thankful that we live close to work and can share one car when the other is being repaired.
382. Iced water on a hot summer day.
383. Clean water for showers, laundry, and washing dishes.
384. Coffee and conversations about life and Jesus with a friend.
385. "Keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you."{Proverbs 7:1}
386. "There is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents." {Luke 15:10}
387. "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want." {Psalm 23:1}
388. A summer painting sesson to celebrate a sweet co-worker getting married.
389. Being reminded of how seasons change in life.
390. Enjoying the last drops of summer.
391. Double date night with sweet friends.
392. Time to rest and recoup from the crazy week.
393. Our home filled with friends and fellowship.
394. Being reminded of our true hope.
395. The joy of serving our community alongside the body of Christ.
396. Thankful for a sweet time of hanging out with women, talking life and working on craft projects.
397. The blessing of returning to our home church for Mike to preach.
398. The support and love we receive from our friends and family at Woodcreek.
399. Comfort and peace from the Father that surpassing all understanding.
400. The blessing of celebrating my dad's birthday.
401. New mercies every morning.
402. Seeing God's provision and trusting His promises when we can't see the provision yet.
403. New faces at Bible study.
404. Women who are growing in the Word, willing to step outside their comfort zones.
405. Oreos waiting at home for me, a thoughtful gift from my husband.
406. My wedding ring, which is a constant reminder of God's grace to me in Mike.
407. God's provision in my Humira costs.
408. A GI doctor and nurse who are willing to fight insurance companies/pharmacies on my behalf.
409. My raise took effect today!
410. A great turnout for our last Faith & Culture night of the summer.
411. Thankful for favor with my bosses.
412. Having dinner with our sweet neighbors, thankful for their friendship.
413. Thankful for Fridays and the blessing of a restful weekend.
414. A sweet gift from my mom, just because.
415. Waking up without an alarm.
416. Breakfast with my best friend.
417. Saturday. No work, and a day at home to catch up on things.
418. Spending time with my brother.
419. Catching up on my Bible study lesson.
420. Writing a letter to my sweet boy in India.
421. Mercies that are new every morning.
422. Coming home to my husband making dinner.
423. Saying goodbye to summer with snow cones with my love.
424. Access to medicine and doctors.
425. Working at a Top 100 Place to Work in DFW.
426. New visitors to Bible study.
427. Knowing that God never changes.
428. Knowing that God is always faithful.
429. Knowing that God is near.
430. Getting to wake up when it's light outside.
431. Lunch with a sweet friend.
432. Reminding ourselves of all the Lord has done through sharing stories of our church.
433. The weekend. Always thankful for the weekend.
434. Catching up with old friends.
435. Looking through old photos and fun memories.
436. Getting to see family.
437. Sharing ministry experience with others.
438. Seeing the passion the Lord places on people's hearts.
439. Gentle and encouraging words from my husband.
440. Grocery shopping at an off time.
441. Dinner with sweet friends.
442. Good relationships with co-workers.
443. A sweet husband who takes care of me.
444. A good night's sleep.
445. Waking up feeling better.
446. Snuggles with my puppy.
447. Thankful for a sweet husband who takes care of me even when he has had a bad day.
448. Thankful for not vomiting on my boss {because it almost happened}.
449. Thankful for understanding bosses when I am sick.
450. Thankful for sick days.
451. One amazing husband.
452. Two sweet friends to hang out with.
453. Three day weekends.
454. Extra vacation days to make it a four day weekend!
455. Road trips with Mike and Michael :)
456. Thankful for the "no's" that protect us from less than God's best.
457. Time spent with family over a long weekend.
458. Time away to rest and recharge.
459. Time off from work.

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