Friday, August 2, 2013

High Five for Friday!

{one} I went for my 6 month check up with my GI, and everything checked out great! My B-12 levels are adequate, and all of my bloodwork was normal. Overall, I am feeling great, and the Humira seems to be working well. We discussed the hair loss and being sick, but he assured me it was part of taking an immunosuppressant biologic {say that one 5 times fast}, and that I was really doing fairly well considering what the side effects could be {slightly encouraging?} I also received some FANTASTIC news regarding my Humira costs, but I am waiting for everything to process before I can share. It's slightly unbelievable. But trust me. It's GOOD.

{two} I got to have dinner last night with Laura, which is our first time to hang out since her wedding! It was great to see her {marriage looks good on her!} and catch up on her time in Jamaica and settling into her new home with her hubby. I'm so excited about this new journey in our friendship, as we get to share the joys of marriage together :)

{three} We recently started a membership at Academy Fitness of Texas, a locally-owned gym. We have talked for awhile about getting a gym membership, but just couldn't afford the cost of the larger chains in our area. We are SO glad we waited, because Academy Fitness recently opened, and it's great! We have 24/7 access, which is super convenient, and it has everything we need. We were able to take advantage of their grand opening prices, plus we get a gym subsidy through the wellness program at work. It was great timing, and we are excited about utilizing the gym!

{four} I just have to say that I feel so thankful for my husband. He has been working really hard to set up all the administrative aspects of the church and still maintain the relational aspects, as well as meet with potential donors and beat the pavement to make sales for WelcomeMat. And in the midst of the crazy busy schedule, he has still found time to take care of me while I have felt slightly under the weather. July was super busy, and August will be even more so, but I am thankful for his hard work. I love you, babe!

{five} Happy {2 days early} Anniversary to my parents! They will celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary this weekend, and I think they are just about the cutest couple ever ;) They have such a great relationship and have been such an example of love, selflessness, and faithfulness.

Borrowed from the way. This photo is evidence of how much my parents love you, friend. My dad doesn't do photo booths. Ever. But my mom finally convinced him. It was "for the bride" after all! :)

Happy Friday!!

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