Thursday, August 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #274-366

274. Feeling better after a weekend of being sick.
275. A free evening to spend time with my husband.
276. Coming home after a long day at work to dinner already made.
277. The gift of easily-accessible knowledge through the internet and social media.
278. Taking a break from our regularly scheduled Bible study to grab gelato and talk life.
279. Warm summer nights.
280. The gift of encouraging a friend to step out in faith.
281. Catch up calls with my mom.
282. The freedom to worship freely.
283. Red fireworks in the sky.
284. The men and women who sacrificed to give us freedom today. The Man who sacrficed to give us freedom forever. {Borrowed from my husband's tweet :) }
285. Blue jeans.
286. Persistence in "fighting the good fight." {2 Timothy 4:7}
287. Knowing that "suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character." {Romans 5:3-4}
288. Persistently seeking the Lord and seeing prayers answered.
289. The excitement and enthusiasm of finishing up wedding details with Laura!
290. Seeing the enthusiasm from our leadership team, the blessing of their "all-in" mentality.
291. The enthusiasm of anticipating one more week of work before vacation!
292. The challenges of growing a church from the ground up, and how it teaches us to depend on Christ.
293. The need for conflict to ultimately create commitment.
294. Witnessing first-hand the changes within our church family- lives transformed by the gospel.
295. The gift of indoor plumbing.
296. The gift of warm showers.
297. The gift of clean, fresh water.
298. The gift of an impromptu lunch date with my sister-in-law.
299. The gift of new visitors to our women's Bible study.
300. The gift of love and support from our church back in Richardson.
301. Leaning on Jesus when I feel weak in my sickness.
302. The gift of knowing that when I am weak, He is strong {2 Corinthians 12:10}
303. The gift of knowing in weakness that this is a temporary home.
304. Peanut butter in jars. Yum :)
305. Pasta sauce in jars. {Apparently, I'm hungry? haha)
306. The gift of catching up with friends over fish tacos and gelato on a summer night.
307. The gift of life in a new niece on the way!
308. The gift of watching others grow in their walk with Jesus.
309. The gift of the last day of work before a week of vacation!
310. Catching up with my best friend over breakfast before the week of wedding festivities.
311. The gift of curling up on the couch for an afternoon nap.
312. Flipping through my photos, recognizing all of the adventures with Laura through the years.
313. Watching my husband use his gifts to preach the Word of God on a Sunday morning.
314. The encouragement and support we receive from our dear friends Michael and Morgan.
315. Thankful that I wasn't counting down the days to my B-12 shot this energy is up!
316. The gift of health insurance and a company that promotes healthy living.
317. Spending the day with my husband, celebrating 2 years of marriage.
318. Time to hang out at the Klyde Warren Park and the Perot Museum.
319. Spending the day baking cookies with Laura to prepare for her wedding day.
320. The Kitchenaid mixer Mike's aunt gave us as a wedding that thing!
321. Good discussion at Bible study with a group of sweet women.
322. The reminder that my plans are not always God's {I had plans to knock out a to-do list, but with the power out, my plans were changed}.
323. Thankful for the {free} provision of a new Humira pen after I mis-fired my dose this week.
324. Thankful for sweet college friends coming into town to help celebrate Laura's wedding.
325. Thankful for an amazing GI doctor and nurse who helped me get a replacement Humira pen faster.
326. Thankful for amazing co-workers who are able to step in and help when I am out of the office.
327. Sweet time spent celebrating the bride at her bachelorette party!
328. The sweet and generous gift of manicures and pedicures from the bride's mom.
329. Remembering the joy and excitement of my own wedding week, thankful for that for Laura.
330. Delicious food at the rehearsal dinner.
331. Beautiful weather for the wedding day {it rained for most of the week, but cleared up today!}
332. Standing next to my best friend, watching her marry her love.
333. The celebration of family and friends for a beautiful wedding that honored Jesus.
334. The encouragement of our church visiting another church plant who is a few steps down the road in their journey.
335. Spending time with my parents and brother.
336. A quiet evening at home, watching The Notebook with my husband. The perfect end to a wonderful week!
337. Finding the leftover cheesecake in the back of the fridge :)
338. Snuggling with my hubby. It's the best.
339. Being the only executive assistant in the office for the week makes me appreciate my co-worker so much more!
340. The excitement of our precious niece's early arrival!
341. I managed to blow a circuit and fry my network cable at work...thankful for a patient IT staff :)
342. The joy of watching another woman step up and lead Bible study for the first time!
343. The unexpected blessing of a promotion and a raise.
344. An encouraging ministry day that reminded us not to worry, that the Lord is taking car of us.
345. Meeting Presley Kate for the first time!
346. The blessing of a gym membership, mostly paid for by our health plan!
347. Listening to my husband navigate the tough topic of defining marriage at Faith & Culture.
348. Sweet memories of our wedding as I finished posting about my best friend's wedding.
349. Date night at home with my hubby.
350. Thankful for Fridays.
351. Provision for an increase in my medication cost.
352. Thankful for weekends.
353. A day to catch up on several things at home.
354. BBQ with sweet friends at Redeemer.
355. Thankful for a rest-filled Sunday.
356. Thankful for the time to rest when I wasn't feeling well.
357. Snuggle time with my sweet niece!
358. The reminder this morning that I have a super-short commute. Makes Mondays a little easier.
359. Thankful for the groceries we can buy at the store.
360. While sad, I am thankful for cancelled plans so I can go to bed early.
361. I heard good news on my health at the GI- things look good!
362. I heard fantastic news about my Humira cost...and I may be getting my money back!!
363. I heard encouraging words on how well I am doing at my job. Always nice.
364. Crying when I take my Humira shot, but knowing it makes me feel better.
365. Working on our budget, but thankful that the Lord always provides.
366. Not feeling well, but knowing that things could be worse and having the opportunity to rest.
**Not all of the gifts match the prompts this month. I again had a lot of specific things to be thankful for, that didn't require a prompt!

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