Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five for Friday!

{one} Tuesday night's Bible study was such an encouragement to my heart. One, because we had 8 women studying the Word in our living room. Remember when there were only 2 or 3?? And two, because of the discussion and study itself. This week we were in Exodus 13-14, specifically where the nation of Israel comes to the Red Sea and the Lord shows His mighty hand by rescuing the people from the hands of the Egyptians. We see that the Lord determines from the outset to take His people on the "scenic route" to the Promised Land, for their good and His glory. One of the application questions that really hit home was "Have you ever been taken on the 'scenic route' by God before seeing His promises fulfilled? How would your understanding of His character and promises have been different if He had taken you by the shortest route?" I often feel I am on the 'scenic route,' wondering what God is doing. And yet the intimacy of learning more of the character of my God through those times is so sweet. I am so thankful He allows me to see glimpses of His plans, ever encouraging me along my journey closer to His heart.

{two} Last night was our last in the summer series of Faith & Culture: Where is God in Natural Disasters? Mike does such a great job talking through these topics, helping us understand our cultural moment and how our faith fits into all of it. We had our best turnout yet, and we are excited to continue these sessions through the Fall. It's a great way for believers to come together and think critically, as well as bring the gospel to the public square {literally}.
{three} My mom emailed me this week and told me she had a coupon for a purse at DSW and that I had no choice but to pick one out. Since I wasn't allowed to say no to this sweet gift, I got to choose a new purse for the fall. How fun is that?? She said that since the boys get to go hunting, we get to buy purses :)
{four} So we are enjoying a high of 90 and a low of 64. In August. In Texas. While I am sad that we're getting closer to leaving the warmer summer days, the cooler weather has been a nice change of pace from the triple digit temps. And it's a reminder of the changing seasons and the coming of Fall!

{five} Tonight I am looking forward to hanging out with our sweet neighbors, as we enjoy dinner and watch the second half of the History Channel's Bible series together. And tomorrow morning I get to have breakfast with Laura. Thank you, Lord for sweet friends and times to catch up!

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