Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baylor Move-In Day...10 Years Ago

One of my bosses was off work today, moving his son in at Baylor. Ten years ago, I was the excited freshman moving into North Russell Hall. My whole life was before me, and I was excited about the adventures to come. I LOVED my time at Baylor and often feel nostalgic for those college days...

Move-In Day at Baylor 10 years ago was nothing less than semi-controlled chaos; it was every freshman and their parent for themselves. My poor parents. Because I lived on campus, I put them through 4 move-ins and 4 move outs. Thanks mom and dad! :)

Sadly, I don't have any pictures from move-in day...those were the days before I had a digital camera and before there were camera phones haha. But this photo is from freshman year. 

Megan {on the right} was my roommate, and Nicki {on the left} was my neighbor. My first intro to Nicki was her dad nailing into our shared wall at 7am in the morning :)

After my freshman year, I became a Community Leader {which is Baylor's version of the R.A.} which automatically made me part of the move-in crew. So I was a part of many a move-in day festivities. I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly ;)

Move-In 2005

Move-In 2006

Now they have designated days, drop-off routes/maps, more sophisticated move-in crews...much more organized for sure. Thinking about my boss moving in his son got me thinking about my time at Baylor. I have great memories from my college days. I loved my professors and my classes. I loved living on campus. I loved going to the football and basketball games. I loved chapel, Dr Pepper Hour, Diadeloso, Sing, Christmas on 5th Street, and visiting the bears. 

I learned a lot in college, and not just in my classes. I learned more about myself, who I was and who God was shaping me to be. I gained more confidence and began the steps toward learning to step outside my comfort zone. I learned how to serve and think of others before myself. I grew closer to Jesus during college. I made lifelong friends.

I am so thankful for the time I had at Baylor. I will always be proud of my alma mater. Sic 'em Bears!


  1. I loved living in North Russell Hall 1A. That was the best hall ever! We should have a reunion :)

    1. We totally should!! How fun would that be?? :)