Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 60th Anniversary Dr Pepper Hour!

Every now and then I find myself missing Baylor. I really enjoyed my time there, and I am just so thankful for the opportunity I had to attend such a great university. I love that my alma mater has so many long-standing traditions. One of its oldest traditions, Dr Pepper Hour, was definitely one of my favorites :)

A now a little backstory for your reading pleasure...

The tradition actually started out as Matinee Coffee Hour in 1952, when a staff member began to serve coffee every week in the Student Union Building's Barfield Drawing Room. The event often featured piano music and board games to allow students to socialize and escape the typical school day. In 1953, they began serving hot chocolate and "frosted cokes." The event was renamed "Dr Pepper Hour" in 1997 when the Waco-born beverage became the university's official soft drink (just another reason to love Baylor!) Source

60 years later, students still gather every Tuesday from 3-4pm in the Barfield Drawing Room for the famed ice cream float. I most definitely took advantage of this wonderful tradition many times while I was a student. Dr Pepper, ice cream, and free...yes please!

Sic 'Em Dr Pepper Hour!  :)


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