Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I am sitting in my living room, my Christmas decorations are up (for the most part), Christmas music is playing, and I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday. The much anticipated Thanksgiving break is over all too quickly. But I am so thankful for the wonderful holiday I got to spend with family and friends.

My parents got into town on Wednesday, and we got to spend some really good time together. I covet sweet family time, mostly because I don't get it that often, and it always seems so short of a time. Thanksgiving morning, we enjoyed sleeping in a little and enjoying some morning coffee together. Then my mom and I got to work on the meal! Everything turned out wonderful, and we had such a relaxing day- eating turkey, playing games, taking naps, watching football, but mainly just enjoying each other's company without having to rush off anywhere. Yes, I enjoyed Thanksgiving in my pajamas and LOVED it. Haha.

Friday we ventured out for a little bit of shopping, but avoided the stores with all the frenzied shoppers. Laura was able to join us, and we enjoyed lunch, the Galleria parking garage, exhorbitantly overpriced pillows, and a movie ;) Saturday we had lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live in Murphy, as well as my cousin and her family who live in Ft. Worth.

Saturday night, we had our Singles Thankgiving Potluck. Clint made the turkey and hosted at his house, and everyone brought a side dish or dessert to share. We had such a blast! As I stood in the kitchen listening to all of the conversations going on, I just had to enjoy the moment and thank God for the sweet group of friends He has brought into my life. I couldn't help but smile thinking about where our group was a year ago when we were only few in number and it was like pulling teeth to get people to talk- LOL. What a blessing for the Lord to have grown our group and helped us develop relationships in Him. It's just interesting to me the places, the circumstances, and the people that God blesses us with at varying times in our lives. I am blessed beyond measure, and I praise the One from whom it all comes!


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