Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Nostalgic Kind of Day

I don’t know why, but today I found myself missing things from my past. It’s like it hit me all at once, and I suddenly missed everything…

Baylor. I miss Baylor. I miss being a student, walking across Founder’s Mall and Burleson Quadrangle, going to football games, seeing Lady and Joy, and yes…even eating at Penland and Memorial Halls. I didn’t make it back for Homecoming this year, and I just miss being on campus. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to school, but I do feel nostalgic for those 4 years I spent at Baylor.

Summers. This is one of the sad parts of being an adult. Long gone are the blissful days of summer vacation. Even when I was in school, I worked through my summers, but somehow it was just different than working through the summer now. I think because even though I was working, it was still a change from the work of school. Now, work is the same…all. year. long. Haha.

Field Trips. Remember those? I had some really awesome field trips growing up: the zoo, the rodeo, the Alamo, countless museums, Spanish class field trips to Mexican food restaurants downtown, the USS Lexington, living history field trip, the Texas capitol, Natural Bridge Caverns, Sea World...my school would even take an all-school retreat to a camp for 3 or 4 days every year. I am not sure what made me think of field trips, but I miss them, so they go on my list.

Home. I haven’t been home since August. I know that doesn’t sound like a long time, but I live only 4.5 hours from home. And it seems as though the last few trips I have made have been quick overnight trips with a purpose. Things are crazy hectic and then I have to turn around and drive back. I really haven’t been able to enjoy being home in several months. I am so looking forward to going home this weekend! It will be a short weekend, but I hope to make the most of every moment I am there.

Family. Along with missing home, I just plain miss my family. My parents have been great to come up here to see my brother and I, but I still really miss them. And I know that I am really missing family when I even miss my crazy extended family- LOL. I hope to be able to see my grandparents, aunt, and cousins this weekend, especially since I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving.

Mexican Food. I’m sorry, but there is just not any good Mexican food up here. Some of the chains are decent, but nothing beats the hole-in-the-wall Mexican food of SA. Mexican restaurants are not on every street corner here like they are there. I definitely plan to get my fill this weekend. (Nicki, I know my pain does not compare to yours…at least here they attempt and sometimes come close to making good food; I’ll make sure to eat some tortillas just for you).

Margaritas. Ok, seriously, don’t laugh. This is my nostalgic day, so I am allowed- haha. When I joined leadership at BSF, I was asked to refrain from alcoholic beverages. I have never been much of a drinker anyway, so it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. However, margaritas are my absolute favorite, and I have had the worst craving for one. I definitely miss them…

Baby Sasha. I love my dog- anyone who knows me would probably say that I am slightly obsessed with her. She’s my sweet baby girl, and I absolutely adore her. The other day I was looking through her baby pictures (I know she’s a dog. Don’t judge.) and I just miss her tiny size. Sasha has grown to be such a big girl- 80 lbs (but on a diet plan to get back down to 75 LOL). But looking at the pictures of the tiny ball of fur that I first brought home…I miss little puppy stage. I miss when she actually fit in my lap and I could pick her up in my arms. She still sits in my lap, but it’s just not quite the same experience for me…

Am I reaching that point in my life where I am going to start thinking about "the old days"? Haha. Have you ever had a nostalgic kind of day?

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  1. Sweet friend, as I was reading your list I thought, "SHE misses Mexican Food!??!?!?!" and then I saw the part where you gave a shout out to me, so I calmed down a little bit -- haha! Maybe when we try to meet up at Christmas we can do it over tortillas, chips and queso! :)