Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Today is my baby brother's 22nd birthday. I cannot believe that he is already 22!! That makes me feel so old. LOL. We are only a couple of years apart, and we have always been close. I am so blessed by the relationship I have with him. He makes me laugh all the time, and we can have fun no matter what we do together. I have so many fun memories from when we were growing's a wonder he ever wanted to hang out with his nerdy older sister.

Despite the fact he is younger, I actually look up to him in many ways. He is so patient and kind, and he has such a genuine love and compassion for people. He has such a heart of gold and the most generous spirit I have ever seen. He really is just a big teddy bear...uh, I mean, he's such a cool, tough guy. Haha. It really has been such a privilege to grow up with him, to watch him grow into an amazing man of God. And I have not stopped thanking God for bringing him to live in the same city! It really is fun having him here, and I always enjoy the time I get to spend with him.

Michael, I love you so much, and I hope you had an awesome birthday!!! Here are some fun pictures from recent years...

Yep. That's my brother. We are related. He really is the best brother in the world :)

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