Friday, May 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

At last! I have finished most of my unpacking, and most things are in their place. It's still a work in progress, but the bulk is done for now and the rest will just be finishing touches for another time. So here it is: my new place!
Living Room
With one of my favorite features- the fireplace! My windows overlook the golf course, which is fun. Sasha definitely enjoys watching the golfers.

Tons of cabinet and counter space, which is so nice.

My Room
The largest room I have had ever in my life...and I don't have to share with Sasha's kennel anymore! Haha.

Ummm...and check out the massive closet! Oh, and then there's my bathroom (middle) and the guest bathroom (right)- I know you are fascinated at this point- lol.
Unfinished Dining Room
Design Dilemma #1: There are 2 massive blank walls (can't really tell in this picture) that I am struggling to know what to do with. The large space is nice, but I don't know what to do with all that blank wall...any thoughts?
Sasha's Room/Office/Scrapbook&Craft Room/Guest Bedroom
Design Dilemma #2: This is a multi-functional room (as indicated by the title- lol). This will probably be the last thing I tackle and probably won't be the prettiest room, but I am determined to make it functional :)
Oh yeah! How could I forget where Peabody lives? (Peabody is the name of my car...long story). This is another favorite feature.
Come visit are welcome anytime! :)

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  1. I Love all the decorations!! I can't wait to come over again now that it's set up :) Love you!!