Friday, May 5, 2017

{Flashback Friday} :: College Senior

Senior year!! I could not believe how quickly my time at Baylor was going, and senior year was going to be no exception. It was by far my busiest year, and there was just SO much packed into 2 semesters. Because I was determined to graduate on time. 

I look back at that year and I wonder how in the world I survived. I took 18 hours of classes both semesters {including an accelerated strategic management course...see here haha} and worked almost 40 hours a week. I did not return as a Community Leader that year {a tough decision}, but instead was a Welcome Week leader and led a small group Bible study at church. Oh and don't forget that I was also interviewing for jobs after graduation, trying to figure out what was next after life at Baylor. 

I was crazy enough to still somehow maintain a workout routine {5am, my friends...a different time for sure} and somewhat of a social life. I do remember my sweet friend Laura meeting me for 7am breakfasts at Taco Cabana, because it was literally sometimes a lot of time the only time I had to see her. Bless her for her patience and willingness to stick with her crazy friend. Looking back, it *might* have been a bit much...but I did survive, and I have a lot of great memories from that year. To have that kind of energy again! :)

Oh and senior year is when I finally went I have a TON more photos haha.


I started off the year as a Welcome Week Leader. Since I didn't return as a CL, I thought this would be a fun way to welcome the new freshmen, and it was such a fun week! I loved getting to introduce our little group to all things Baylor, and it was fun to see how they each found their way that year. I had such a great freshman year, and I wanted them to love theirs as much as I did.

With my sweet co-leader Kate

Our Welcome Week group

I also led a small group Bible study for some sophomore girls. LOVED these girls. They were the sweetest little group, and I loved being able to walk through the Word and talk Jesus with them every week. I think in the midst of the craziness, they kept me sane and focused on what was important. I love getting to see via Facebook where these girls are now.

Fall Festival at the church

Small Group 5K...they trained so hard and did so well!

The accelerated strategic management class I took was a 2-semester honors program for business students. It was called B.E.S.T {Business, Excellence, Scholarship, Team}, and it was a great way to gain hands on business experience. From business plans and proposals with real companies, to business trips and other business competitions, it was basically a whole lot of extra work. I was such a nerd haha. I loved that it was more practical and hands on than a lot of my studies, but that class was intense.

Group photo before a day of team building on a ropes course

B.E.S.T. class of 2007

The fun part about B.E.S.T was that we got to take a domestic and an international trip, completely paid for by Baylor. So in the Fall, I got to go to Prague. I blogged a little bit about the trip here, but I didn't include many photos. So I thought I'd share some more now. It was such a great trip! I was so thankful for the opportunity to travel abroad, even if it was only for a week.

The group in Prague

On Charles Bridge

Outside the U.S. Embassy

Our project group...I spent A LOT of time with this group :)

The John Lennon Wall

Eating European hot dogs...kind of like hot pockets

And in the Spring, I got to go to Washington D.C. We got to meet several politicians and business leaders. It was another great trip, and I really enjoyed exploring the city.

In the midst of all of my studies, I started working for an event planning company in Waco called Pendley Party Productions. I loved working with them! I was actively pursuing event planning, and so to actually get to work on events was so fun. I was assigned several events, but my big project was the Barkin Ball {an annual fundraiser for the local animal shelter}. The theme was James Bond/007, and it was so exciting to see my first event come together!

I did say that I maintained some semblance of a social life...though I am sure my friends probably thought I was off my rocker. They were so patient with me, and I am thankful for the sweet girls who stuck by me, even in all of my stress and busyness. They really took care of me, and I don't ever want to forget that.

Apple Martinis on New Years

Balloon Glow

Nicki's Lingerie Shower

After all the hard work, the long nights of studying, the crazy amounts of caffeine...I finally made it to graduation! It was such a relief and sense of accomplishment! Ring Out/Passing of the Key ceremony is a tradition that symbolizes the passing of the Baylor spirit. It has traditionally been for senior women passing on the Baylor spirit to the junior women.

Remember my freshman roomie??

So thankful for my parents. They made it possible for me to be at Baylor, and were supportive every step of the way. 

I loved my time at Baylor. It was an incredible blessing that I got to study at such an amazing university. The Lord used my time at Baylor to grow my faith and draw me closer to Him. I still had a lot to learn, but I look back at my years at Baylor as a sweet time with the Lord.

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