Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fun Day at the Park

Today we headed to Breckenridge Park to meet some friends for a picnic lunch. It was perfect weather, and we were excited to get babies out on such a beautiful day.

They both have such fair skin and haven't really spent any extended periods of time outdoors yet {other than our walks, which are mostly shaded}, so we wanted to be sure they were well protected from the sun. Enter the baby sunscreen and the adorable baby hats :)


Doll face!

We love our Ergobaby 360 carrier and our knock off Bebamour carrier, and babies love them too! Maddie hated it at first, but since she has been wanting to be held more, she has decided it's not so bad after all haha. The baby carrier is really the only way I am able to transport them when I am running solo and they're not in the stroller {one in the carrier, one on the hip #twinmama}. Wraps are great, but our two just never really loved them, and I just can't imagine all that fabric with my two tiny heaters. Seriously, our children radiate heat all the time. But the carriers are great because they're easy to slip on, and they're a whole lot cooler.

I just have to say that I LOVE that Mike is willing to wear our babies! It's a great way for them to get good snuggle time with him, and it's just nice to be a little more hands free. 

I mean, it doesn't get much sexier than this 

We didn't get any pictures with our sweet friends {so sad!}, but we were able to grab a few family photos, and they just make me so happy.

Just chillin' in the park

When you try to grab a family selfie on your own...

...and when another twin family passing by offers to take the photo for you. We got the usual twin parent mantra: "it gets better"  :)

We had such a sweet time in the park, and we were so thankful to catch up with sweet friends. Eli and Maddie did SO well, but were all tuckered out, even before we made it back to the car. Guess they just had too much fun :)

{and don't worry...I fixed Maddie's car seat straps}

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