Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Photo Every Hour :: Mama's Day Off

Y'all, I love my babies and I love being a stay at home mama. I'm almost 7 months in, and I love being home with my babies. I am so thankful for my husband, who works so hard for us so that I can stay home with them. I realize that's a huge blessing, and I can't imagine our family unit functioning any other way. 

That being said...I am a true introvert. People drain my energy, and I need time alone in order to recharge and feel sane. As you might imagine, being a mama to twins doesn't really afford much alone time. While babies are not the same as hanging out with a bunch of people, they do require a lot of energy. And I have found myself struggling to fully recharge. I realize that's part of being a mom {of twins or otherwise}, but I think that mamas need to find ways to recharge so they can better serve their families and avoid complete burnouts.

So a few weeks ago, I submitted a request for a day off. I ran it by my bosses {Eli and Maddie}, got approved coverage {Daddy}, and made sure all loose ends were tied up before I was off the clock  :)

My amazing hubby tackled baby duty, and this twin mama enjoyed a day to myself!

At 7am, I was still in bed. And it was awesome haha. Mike got up and started getting prepped for the day, and I got to get ready alone. I was going to take my time getting ready {something I never get to do anymore}, but then I realized that seemed like a silly way to spend my day off. So I threw my hair in a ponytail, kissed my babies and hubby goodbye, and headed out the door.

First stop? Starbucks. I was able to enjoy a quiet morning with my coffee and Jesus. 

I decided to get a pedicure, and I am so glad I did! It was so relaxing, and I enjoyed reading my book while my feet got some TLC. It was fun to reminisce that the last time I had a pedicure, I was just a few days away from meeting Eli and Maddie. My poor feet {and belly} were crazy swollen, and we were waiting for the fun to begin :)

I decided to run a few errands. It was nice to get stuff done quickly and efficiently, without babies in tow. Random fact: I love turning my car music up pretty loud, so I definitely cranked it up while I was out and about running my errands. Not something I can do with babies anymore ;)

Enjoyed my favorite lunch :)

I decided to wander around Hobby Lobby just for fun. I was sad to see the FALL decorations already out...it's May. Aside from that, I enjoyed browsing through the craft aisles for a bit.

Even though it was my day "off," there were still things that needed to get done. Babies still need wipes, so I stopped by Sam's to get a few things we needed.

Happy hour! I do this a lot with babies, but it was still nice to grab a sweet tea for the afternoon. Plus, my parents asked for a selfie of me enjoying my day off :)

And then I ran out of things to do, and it was way too hot to be outside. And because it was a Saturday of a holiday weekend, the crowds were starting to defeat the whole purpose of recharging my introvert self. So I decided to head home to my loves. I missed them, anyway! I got home in time for them to go down for a nap, so I was able to relax and catch an episode of The Office.


We met Aunt Lindsay, PK, and Henley for an early dinner. 

I had a great "day off" and I am so thankful for Mike allowing me to get some time by myself. But I was amazed at how ready I was to get back to my babies. And I think the Lord knew I would need the time to recharge, because we spent the next few days with a sick baby. 

Thankful for my babies. Thankful for my hubby.

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