Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Living with Crohn's :: A Health Update

I was really blessed to see a decrease in all Crohn's symptoms during my pregnancy. I felt the best I have felt since I was diagnosed, and I was so thankful that the Lord protected my health while I was carrying our babies. It is actually pretty common to see a decrease in Crohn's symptoms during pregnancy, and I was thankful that was the case for me. Pregnancy is also supposed to help lower the chances of surgery for Crohn's patients, so I am also thankful for the blessing of Embryo Adoption, which allowed me to experience pregnancy!

Since babies arrived, I have seen a return of some symptoms and have struggled a little bit, but nothing major. I haven't experienced a full flare, which is a HUGE praise! The one thing I have struggled with the most is low energy. My B-12 prescription expired, but I knew I would be seeing my GI pretty soon, so I just decided to wait it out. Probably not my smartest move, though my B-12 stores were not as bad as I thought they would be. I am also still iron deficient from delivery, and I think that is probably the biggest contributing factor to my low energy. The combination of those deficiencies with having 2 babies....well, let's just say I have been one tired mama! I am working on building back up my B-12 and iron levels, so I am hoping to feel better soon. But otherwise, I am not feeling terrible regarding Crohn's {endometriosis is another story...silly broken body}. 

Last month when I went for my yearly check up with my GI, I thought I would get my check in the healthy box for another year...except I didn't. Since it has been 7 years since the onset of my symptoms {5 since my actual diagnosis}, I am now required to see my GI every 6 months. It's around this time that Crohn's patients can start to see regressions, particularly a rejection of the medications they are taking {your body can build antibodies and start rejecting the medication}. So I will have to go in for additional monitoring, just to be sure that I stay in remission, and that my body is still responding to Humira. 

It also means that I am due for another colonoscopy. Ugh. Because that's what every 32 year old wants to hear...BOO. So I have to figure out a time to get that done before the end of the year. Good. Times.

So that's where I am with my Crohn's. I am still very thankful for being in remission, and I pray that continues for many years to come.

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