Friday, March 31, 2017

{iPhone Rewind} :: March

deb-o-nair, adj. (of a man) confident, stylish, and charming

Those big beautiful eyes! Daddy is in trouble...

Saturday morning Theology 101 class with Daddy :)

A boy and his dog :)

I'm so thankful these 2 wake up so happy!

A fun {and fitting} memory popped up on Facebook. I remember that we were talking about and planning to attend a church planting conference. It has been my joy and privilege to walk in faith alongside Mike the last 6 years :)

This girlie has crazy hair after bath time haha.

This little man moves ALL over his crib. Already.

The cuteness. I just can't.

When you just have so much to tell Grandma :)

I hope they become the best of friends!

Hanging out with Grumpz!

Maddie loved playing with PK!

I got the quintessential "mom break" :: mom haircut, Starbucks, walk around Target sans kiddos, the wonderful husband that made it was just as awesome as all the mamas said it was :)

He's such a daddy's boy

All of the currently birthed McCullough grandkids

Sleeping babies in the back seat...such a sweet gift #itsthelittlethings

So excited this arrived in the mail...can't wait to dive in!

Taking all the babies out for a walk #twinmama #twintank #puppiescounttoo #thosebabyblues

Buddies for life :)

There were some hard concepts, but they eventually got there #storytimewithdaddy

Love being mama to these 2!

Has anyone ever seen one of these? I'm pretty excited about mine!

Spring is in full bloom! The roses outside our front door are HUGE!

Eli was having a rough day so Maddie tried her best to comfort him.

We got baby gates...and Sasha is NOT a fan. Poor puppy. But she just sheds TOO much haha.

Play time! We have some happy babies now that they don't have to share an activity center haha

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  1. I feel like your iPhone rewind posts have gotten a lot more precious in the past 4 months 😉 Love those sweet babies!!! (I think my original comment is on Bloglovin for some reason- I thought i was posting it here!)

    1. Haha so true!! They do up the cuteness factor by like 1000% ;)