Sunday, March 26, 2017

Baby Firsts :: Solid Foods

This weekend we introduced Eli and Maddie to their first "solid" food! We had received the green light from our pediatrician at their 4 month check up, but I wanted to wait a little bit to see if their appetites increased before we dove into solids. They definitely seem ready now, so we decided to give it a try!

I use the term "solids" loosely, because let's be honest...everything is mush right now and will be for awhile. We will spoon feed fruits and vegetables that we puree, but we hope to use more of the Baby Led Weaning principles when they are a bit older. Right now, it's just a fun practice exercise for babies to get used to something other than their bottle. And we're only doing one meal a day for now. Slow and steady :)

First up on the list? Avocado!

I have to say that I was pretty surprised with their reactions. There were no tears or frustrations, but definitely a lot of confusion and grossed out faces haha. I expected Maddie to dive right in and love the avocado, and I expected Eli to be more hesitant. It turns out that Maddie was definitely wary of the whole process and never once showed any enjoyment of the taste. She did reach for the spoon and want to hold it on her own, but not because she was interested in eating the avocado :)

Eli seemed to do a little better. He took to the spoon really quickly, easily pulling it into his mouth. What to do with the avocado once it was off the spoon was another story :) I am pretty sure he liked the spoon itself more than the actual avocado.

I don't think that much was actually swallowed, but we'll keep at it and let babies have more practice. It is now going to be a brand new task built into my day. As with anything with twins, it can be quite an event {and this one will be a messy one for sure!}, but I think it will be fun to actually start eating with our babies.

Next up? Sweet potatoes. Yum!

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