Thursday, November 3, 2016

Welcome Babies :: Hospital Stay

We were very thankful for the team of doctors, nurses, and medical staff that took care of us in the hospital. Even though I had some complications, we still only stayed a couple of nights, one being the night Eli and Maddie were born. 

We were somewhat of celebrities on the floor because we were the only set of twins! And everyone was super impressed that we had made it to 38 weeks, and that I didn't have to have a C-section. And plus, our littles were just super adorable, so everyone wanted to see them :)

Family of 4!

Daddy and Eli

Mama and Maddie

Brother and sister

Eli and Maddie passed their hearing tests and got an A+ from the pediatrician. They also got their first bath in the hospital! Eli was not a huge fan, but Maddie LOVED it :)

Eli's First Bath

Maddie's First Bath

At the same time, we got their foot and hand prints. I had started a journal for Mike from Eli and Maddie, so we were able to capture their tiny prints in that.

We were thankful for the team of experts we could rely on for a couple of days, but we were definitely ready to go home! :)

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