Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Baby Firsts :: Home Bath

So Eli and Maddie got their first bath in the hospital, but we had some help from the nurses. When we got home, we were on our own to figure out the bath time routine. And it sort of works out like an assembly line #becausetwins  :)

Again, Eli was NOT a fan. Which is funny because it was the bath in the hospital and this first bath at home that he hated. And now he is a HUGE fan of bath time. We learned that he just doesn't like being cold. So once the warm water hits, baby boy practically falls asleep because it relaxes him so much!

Same thing with Maddie...the photos show her initial dunking in the water, which she does not like because she's cold. But once the bath starts, she acts like she is at the spa and LOVES it.

I am so glad that they have actually both loved bath time these first few weeks. It relaxes them both so much, that it's perfect before bed time. {And don't worry- we don't use soap every day so we don't dry out their skin}.

I mean, this is the cutest hippo and monkey that I have ever seen :)

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