Friday, November 4, 2016

Welcome Babies :: Going Home!

There have been so many moments where I can't help but stop and reflect on how much we have prayed for that specific moment. 

The moment the doctor asked, "are you ready to become a mom?" 
The moment I held my babies in my arms for the first time.
The moment I watched Mike hold our babies for the first time.
The moment our babies looked up at me.
The moment those tiny hands wrapped around my finger.
The moment we walked out of the hospital with our babies. With our family. Finally.

Time seemed to stand still in those moments, and I have tried to just drink it all in. I don't ever want to forget those moments, or how I felt in them. So many tears. So much love. So much gratitude. 

So when we loaded the car and headed home as a family of four, we were so overwhelmed by the gifts we have been given. It has been a long journey, and to finally see our prayers answered in such a tangible way...there really are no words. Just humility and gratitude. So we were definitely excited to leave the hospital and head home!

Eli and Maddie's first car ride!

We were welcomed home by fun decorations and more gifts from friends and family. We have had such an outpouring of love, support, and generosity by so many. It has been humbling to see the far reach of our story, and how many people have been praying for these two babies.

Adorable going home outfits, courtesy of Aunt Lindsay :)

It was extra special to have Eli meet part of his namesake- Scott Winn. Scott was Mike's youth pastor and has been a friend and mentor for over half of Mike's life. He was the first person I met at Woodcreek. He married us. And his sweet family have been a constant encouragement to us. So to have Eli meet Scott was such a special moment. We hope he will get to meet Claire soon!

And of course, Sasha was curious about these two little noise makers who invaded her home. She has been so good, and a sweet little mama overseeing them too. She definitely has her times when she hides in her kennel to escape all things baby. But most of the time, she is out with us and the babies. She is quick to alert us to their cries, and she has settled in well to our new normal. Love my fur baby :)

It felt good to be, Mike, Eli, Maddie, and Sasha. Welcome home, sweet babies!

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