Thursday, January 29, 2015

{30 Before 30} :: Visit the 21 Historical Markers within 50 Miles of our House

I realize this one is completely random {and completely nerdy}, but hey, why not? Something different to do. But apparently I can't count...because there are A LOT more than 21 historical markers within 50 miles of my house. There are probably more than 21 within 5 miles of my house. I remember thinking the number seemed low, but what do I know? I navigated the Historical Marker Database incorrectly, and I definitely miscalculated on that one.

In visiting these historical markers, I also learned that there is more than one database of historical markers...which just makes things super confusing when trying to map them all out. Some are listed in the Historical Marker Database, others are listed directly with the Texas Historical Commission Atlas. Needless to say, there are A TON of historical markers, and it's almost impossible to visit them all. Oh well.

Laura joined me for the first round in Dallas County, because she's that kind of friend...the one that puts up with her nerdy friend :)  Again, I missed A LOT of markers, but it was still fun to walk around downtown Dallas with Laura!

The second round was just in our neighborhood. One of the things I love about McKinney is the rich history. We live about 10 blocks north of the historic downtown square, and just outside the historic district. So most of the markers close to our house are other homes in the historic district. And I LOVE that! 

You can't read the plaques on many of these, simply because I didn't feel comfortable walking up onto someone's front porch to snap a photo. And I had to snap these photos fairly quickly so I didn't look like a creeper in the neighborhood, but it was fun to just walk around the historic district finding so many of these homes on the Texas Historical Commission list. Again, I didn't see all of them {there are SO many more}, but you can only blog about so many houses, right? :)

The First Presbyterian Church {look familiar? this is where Redeemer met!}

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