Wednesday, January 21, 2015

{30 Before 30} :: Learn to Use My Camera in Manual Mode

I will continually be working on improving my photography, but I knew that would have to start with getting familiar with the inner workings of my DSLR...including manual mode!

I started by reading my camera's manual. While you may think it was a huge snooze fest, it really wasn't at all, and I actually found it incredibly helpful {go figure}.

I found several online tutorials that were incredibly helpful, but ultimately I decided that I needed something a little more structured. I came across an amazing Groupon for an online photography course and just couldn't pass it up. 

I absolutely LOVED this course. This was the next best thing to taking an actual photography course {which I wanted to do, but didn't really have the time and couldn't really spend the money}. So this was the perfect solution for me! It helped refresh me on photography basics, and I learned a lot of new things too. And because I am a nerd, I just really enjoyed the format of lessons, homework, and interaction with online tutors :)

I also signed up to be a member of Click it Up a Notch. There are SO many fantastic tutorials, and I love getting photography tips in my inbox. The whole site is designed to get you more comfortable with your camera, prompt you to actually use your camera more often, and ultimately help you take better photos. Not to be a professional, but just to have better memories! She talks in easy-to-understand language and offers great examples.

I don't know if I have necessarily improved my photography {yet} but I at least know how to operate my camera a little better. Which can only help me as I continue to practice and work to improve my photography, right? :) 

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