Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Update

Parents in Town
We got to spend the weekend with my parents. They were in town for the China Bible Ministry Exhibition, so we got to see them while they were here. It was definitely a fun weekend, full of great meals, bowling, and movies. Of course, we're doing what we can to convince my parents that they just need to move up here...but until then, we are grateful for the times we do get to spend with them.

CIC Designation
This weekend I learned that I passed my last (of 5) Certified Insurance Counselor exams and received my official designation! This is definitely something I am excited about celebrating, as the long hours of studying for those specific letters is over! :) I will continue to work toward my CPCU designation, but another one has been conquered.

Conversion Confession
So I finally said goodbye to my beloved Blackberry and switched to the iPhone. My Blackberry finally died on me, and I had no choice but to replace my phone. With my customer credit, it cost the same for me to get an iPhone as it would have been for me to just replace my Blackberry. So I made the switch and converted to Apple :) So far, I am loving the switch. So the conversion was for the better ;)

Happy Halloween
And I just couldn't go without posting about the sweet note I found in my lunch today...

How can something like that not make your day better? :)


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