Monday, November 22, 2010

The Coveted 4-Letter Word: PASS

Praise Jesus for His faithfulness and provision of a passing grade! I have been in study mode for the past few weeks in an effort to prepare for another CPCU exam. It has really been difficult for me to stay focused...which is somewhat of an oddity if you knew me in college. It seemed as though "focused" was my middle name- it was a bit obsessive, I have to admit. In college, anything lower than an A was unacceptable to me...and now, I just look for that coveted 4-letter word: PASS. Haha- funny how the Lord rearranges our priorities and helps us focus on things that actually matter :) Anyway, the Lord helped me plow through my prep materials and graciously helped me pass my exam this morning! I am so thankful to have the exam behind me and am looking forward to taking a break from studying for least for the rest of 2010!

Of course, every passed exam should be celebrated with a victory cupcake. It's like an unwritten rule :)


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