Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Weekend!

I had a really great long weekend! Thursday night, I went to another Singles Night Out: this time we went to Adventure Landing for a night of go-karts, putt-putt golf, and good old fashioned video games. It was really fun to hang out and get to know more people in the group. My church recently instituted these Singles Nights Out, in an effort to meet the needs of the young singles in our 20s group. We started out by racing go-karts, and in the words of Nathan, "go-karts just never get old." Then we broke off into groups to play a little putt-putt; I had 3 holes-in one! Definitely my lucky night- haha. Before we headed over to Sonic for dessert, Nathan and Lindsey teamed up to play a game of Ocean Hunter. It was a really fun night!

I did work on Friday, but they let everyone go at 2:30, which allowed me to head home to San Antonio a day early! I was able to surprise my mom and grandparents by arriving at family good friday; she wasn't expecting me until the following morning. Saturday we had some good family time, as Michael was in town too. We went to church that night, then out to eat at Mamacita's. It's always a requirement to have Mexican food when I go home. It's just not the same anywhere else. Easter Sunday we spent at my other grandparents' house, so it was good to see family. I hadn't seen anyone since Christmas (which they all made sure to remind me of- haha).

I took Monday off because I had another doctor's appointment in San Antonio. Things went well with the doctor...good news is that I am healthy and there are no long-term effects of the medication I am on. So I am pretty sure the migraines are stress-related. Anyway, it was nice to be home this weekend. It had been too long, and I enjoyed being home with my family.

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