Sunday, February 5, 2017

Visit from Grandma!

This past week, my mom came into town to visit. It was such a blessing to have her have the extra hands to help while Mike was at work, and just to have Grandma around to make things more fun! Unfortunately, Grandpa wasn't able to make this trip, but they will both be back up for a visit at the end of the month. We love being able to soak up as much grandparent time as possible!

I loved being able to capture some of these sweet moments, and I am so thankful for my mom. My babies have such amazing grandparents {on both sides of the family}, and we are just so thankful for how much they love on our babies.

Playing with a fun new toy

Reading books

On Saturday, my brother came over, and Eli and Maddie also got some good uncle time. They sure do love their Uncle Michael! It's so fun to see him with the babies :)

While my brother, my mom, and Mike wrangled the babies, I got to sneak away for a few hours to enjoy some baby-free time. I was able to run a couple of errands and get a pedicure with Laura. Not going to was really nice. I am really thankful to my sweet husband for making that happen. But as much as I enjoyed my time away, I missed my babies and was all too ready to get back home to them :)

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