Friday, June 12, 2015

High Five for Friday!

{one} I haven't done a High Five for Friday! post since February...I didn't realize it had been so long! There hasn't really been much to report; we have been busy, but just the usual busy. Lucky for you, I decided it was time to do a little catch up :)

{two} Mike's new job is going really well! They had hired him with the intention of moving him through a training program for a higher position over the coming months. By God's grace, they have already promoted him, and starting Monday, he will be a Senior Director of Church Partnerships. Because he's awesome. And Jesus is good. We are so thankful for how He has provided for us, and I am so proud of my hubby!

{three} Speaking of Mike's new of the benefits is his new work schedule. He works a little longer hours during the week and only has to work half days on Fridays {so jealous}. Because of that, they talk about how Thursdays are "Friday Jr." So I decided I wanted to adopt that phrasing too. So Thursdays are now deemed Friday Jr, and Fridays are, well, Friday :)  It may seem silly, but it really helps to mentally finish out the week strong. So high five for Fridays {and Friday Jrs!}

{four} Our poor little lawn. After the whole gas leak/front yard debacle, we finally got the driveway fixed and new grass put in. But we're pretty sure they put in dead grass. They keep assuring us that if we water it, it will grow back...but we'll see. Poor sad little lawn.

{five} My parents have been in town all week, which has been fun! They came in last weekend, so we got to spend time with both my mom and dad. My dad had to attend the BSF Institute training for the new Revelation study in Dallas, so he headed off to that, and my mom stayed with us. Even though we have had to go to work every day, it has still been fun to have my mom there when I'm getting ready in the morning, and then to have the evenings to hang out with her. We have also been able to go to lunch together a few days. We will get to spend the rest of this weekend with my dad and brother, so we will have a good dose of family time! 

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