Saturday, June 20, 2015

Embryo Adoption :: Transfer Cycle

Today we officially started our transfer cycle!! After years of praying that my period wouldn't come, it seemed so strange to pray that it would. But pray we did. Because this time, it meant that we could start preparing for a transfer. Which means that we're {hopefully} one step closer to pregnancy!

So today, I started the Estrace regimen, which will increase over the next few weeks leading up to a transfer. On July 2nd, we will go in for a sonogram lining check, to make sure the medication has prepared my body enough for the transfer. We're praying for minimal side effects from the medication, zero interactions with Crohn's/Humira, and a nice, thick lining on July 2nd. 

We also received a sweet email from our donor/genetic family, saying that they were praying for us in our next steps. What an incredible gift from the Lord; not only the generous gift of these tiny ones, but also partnering with a family that is petitioning the throne of God on our behalf. We are just so thankful.

Here we go! :)

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