Saturday, May 31, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: May

Oh Texas weather...only here is it ok to go from 39 degrees on May 1st to 90 degrees on May 2nd.
I was up again to teach in the kids' ministry. We are starting to teach catechisms, so I tried to find a way to make it interactive and fun for the little guys. Makes me thankful for growing up in a house where these kinds of ideas flowed consistently {because my mom is awesome}.
Sasha has not quite grasped the need for her own mat during yoga. Every time I lie on the floor, she has to lay directly next to or on top of me. #mustbeclosetomomatalltimes
I was able to have dinner with my sweet friend Sami and meet this little guy! Baby Jackson is Jon and Sami's third baby, and he is absolutely adorable. I enjoyed getting to meet him, see how much Evie and David have grown, and catch up with their mama!
I found this recipe online for Cowboy Bark and decided to try it. It turned out pretty good! We drizzled some extra chocolate on top to keep the toppings in place, and we really enjoyed this yummy dessert. It probably lasted 3 days haha. :)
There is currently a nationwide shortage of B-12, so I am hopping around pharmacies trying to find a supply. I wish they could prioritize who gets it {medical vs. personal healthy other words, I need it because my body doesn't process vitamins vs. healthy Hank who just wants a quicker energy boost}, but it doesn't work that way. It's amazing to me how much power such a tiny bottle holds...
Ben and Lindsay introduced us to Tetris Link, and we now have a fun new game! I can't for the life of me beat Mike, but it's still fun. Gotta mix it up with our usual Rummikub rivalry :)
The one down side to Winco is that they do not have good salsa. Seriously- we have tried the {few} brands they have on the shelf, and they are awful! You would think we didn't live in Texas. So bizzare. So it has just forced us to make our own! We have definitely enjoyed having fresh salsa in the house, and even I can enjoy a non-spicy version.
My goofy hubby...he's so cute. "I 'cow'nt myself blessed and am 'udderly' amazed to have such a beautiful wife! I love you!" Haha- love him :)
This article came across my desk, and I couldn't resist reading it. I grew up listening to George, and thoroughly enjoyed this article. It put me in a king-of-country-kind-of-mood! I may or may not have listened to all of his songs. Over a period of a couple of days. Because I definitely have all of them. #lovemesomegeorgestrait  :)
We headed to downtown McKinney for the annual Bike the Bricks event. Our friends Brad and Lindsay met us at our house, and then we walked down to the square together. We enjoyed walking around, eating at the food trucks, and watching the races. It was a fun evening out with friends!

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