Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Heart, Our City

With the start of the church plant residency, we have also started our season of support raising. It's a curious thing, support raising is...I have a new fresh perspective on and appreciation for what some of our missionary friends have faced. And I know this is just another leap of faith and another way to trust the Lord's provision in our lives. We would certainly appreciate your prayers over this process!

Some exciting things in the process...we have officially launched our new ministry website, so if you are interested in keeping up with what God is doing in McKinney, be sure to take a peak at You can sign up for email updates to hear about how things are going with the church plant, and you can also find ways to partner with us.

Mike's oh-so-talented brother was generous in helping us put together a promo video to share with our supporters. In it, Mike shares about our heart for the city of McKinney and why we feel called to plant a church here. It might help a little to catch a glimpse as to why we have embarked on this crazy adventure :)

Our Heart // Our City from Michael McCullough on Vimeo.

I joke about it being a crazy adventure, and in a lot of ways it is. But we believe so much in what the Lord has called us to do in this city. In His city. We are burdened for the 90%, and we are humbled by the fact that the Lord would want to use us here. I have shared here before about feeling both excited and terrified. And while there are certainly giant steps of faith ahead for me {and it may not always be easy}, I am more convinced than I was a year ago of why the Lord has us here. I can't wait to see what God does!


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