Monday, October 8, 2012

300th Post!

Today marks the 300th post for this blog...not sure why that feels like an accomplishment, but I apparently have had a lot to say over the past few years ;)

It's always fun to read through old blog posts. It's such an incredible reminder of the faithfulness of God. It's cool to see the journey He has walked you through and how you were thinking about things at the time. It's interesting to read where you were then and where you are now. Definitely a good time for reflection and gratitude.

I started blogging back in college as a way to journal and, in all honesty, to vent. I am glad I have that blog to look back on, as the Lord was still teaching me things, but it is interesting to see the difference in tone between that old blog and this one. When I switched over to blogger in March of 2009, the Lord was already beginning to stir in my heart and draw me closer to His. I was wanting a fresh start in more ways than one, and I figured a new blog could give me a clean slate, a better way to be intentional.

I wanted this blog to be a chronicle of my life- what is going on, what the Lord is teaching me, how He has answered prayer. But more than that, I wanted this blog to truly reflect my journey toward intimacy with my Savior. Meaning, I want that to truly be how I live and therefore what I blog about. While I don't always post about Jesus-centered things, and my sinful heart is revealed all too often, seeing the tagline at the top of the page is always a good reminder to check my words. Because I want my words (and even more, my life) to mean something for the Kingdom. I don't want to be a "noisy gong or clanging cymbal." (1 Corinthians 13:1)

I was curious to see what I write about on a consistent basis (which can be a little scary and convicting!) Where is my heart and what is my focus? What are the things that my words say are important to me? So I decided to create a word cloud on Wordle to see...


I pray that the words in my next 300 posts reveal/highlight more of Jesus and eternal things and less of me and the things that will fade away.


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  1. I just hit my 300th post on Friday! :)