Sunday, August 5, 2012


It seems like every month this summer I have joked with my co-worker about where the last month has gone, how it went by so quickly, how we both can't believe it's {the new month}. That held true for the start of August too. Where in the world is the summer going??  :)

Preacher Boy
Mike had an opportunity to teach again at the Woodcreek College group. In a lot of ways it has been a reunion with former high school students, who have obviously graduated and are moving on to college. It has been a bit nostalgic for him, bringing back memories of teaching during youth days.

Excuse the poor quality...I didn't want to be a distraction during his teaching ;)

I always enjoy hearing my husband teach/preach. It's fun for me to see him doing a) something he loves, and b) something in which he is clearly gifted. Every time I hear him teach, I feel the Spirit moving. Not because Mike has some inside-track to holiness; but because he is humbly operating within his God-given gift. I always walk away in awe of how the Lord has crafted him to teach. I know I have only just begun this journey with him, and I have countless sermons/teachings to look forward to in our future. But I am excited about what that will look like in our church plant in the years to come.

It's HOT
I'm one of those weird people that actually enjoys the heat. Give me a 90 degree day over 50 any day. But even I have to admit that this summer has been HOT.

No that's not a joke. It really did hit 108 more than once this week.
And P.S. It never got down to 79. Just saying.

The heat has just been draining. So it hasn't really felt like a true summer to me, simply because I haven't spent very much time outside. I usually live outside in the summer. But it has just been too suffocatingly hot to be outdoors. Thank you Lord for air conditioning and cold beverages! :)

Counting Down
I am SO looking forward to being here at the end of the month:

I need some vacation time, and we have been incredibly blessed by an opportunity to spend a week in Colorado. Can't. Wait.


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