Friday, August 31, 2012

{iPhone Rewind} :: August

So...I haven't done such a hot job with the whole {Photo-A-Day} thing. I completely skipped July and tried to start again in August only to completely give up...oops. Oh well.

So I have decided to just stick to {iPhone Rewind} instead; it seems to take up less effort and time = perfect for me :) So here is a look back at August via iPhone photos...

Starbucks even recognizes that we are one ;)

I tried my hand at making homemade pretzels - they tasted better than they looked!

Since it's getting lighter later in the mornings, I decided to start carrying pepper spray on my runs. I was slightly annoyed that a) the "runner" version only came in pink, and b) pink was less expensive than black. But I guess I'm glad to have it with me nonetheless.

Speaking of exercise...this workout has been kicking. my. butt. No joke. But it's good for me, right?

I have been growing out my bangs and it has been interesting to say the least. I accidently damaged them with my flat iron + had a haircut fiasco that left them way too short, so I literally have been growing them out for over a year. I feel like I am back in middle school with my bobby pins and goofy alfalfa strands...blah.

Mmmm...yay for yogurt and Bible study :) I have been so blessed by the sweet girls I have had the opportunity to study the Word with. Such a sweet answer to prayer.

Some of the girls in our Bible study decided to have a Pinterest Party! We have talked about it for awhile, but finally picked a night to get together.

It was a fun evening filled with crafts, conversation, and girliness :)

My Pinterest project...homemade gift bags.

It may be hard to see in the picture, but the tree in the lot next door got struck by lightening. It happened in the middle of the night and woke us both up; we thought lightening had struck our house. The street, our roof, and our yard were filled with the debris.

Sasha on her way to Granny's house...she stayed with Mike's mom while we headed to Colorado for vacation (post coming soon!)


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