Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom(s)!

This week I have the joy of celebrating 2 important birthdays: both of my moms! Yesterday was my precious mother-in-law’s birthday and we got to celebrate her by taking her out for some Mexican food at Uncle Julio’s.
It has been such a blessing to have Susan in my life; having another mom is kinda fun :) It’s hard sometimes to not have my mom here, so it has been a sweet blessing to have my mother-in-law close by. She is a super talented event planner, so we have really had the opportunity to connect on that creative level together. I have even had a chance to help her with a few events, and I really enjoy this time I have with her. It has been fun getting to know her and to hear her stories about Mike! ;) 
And today is my beautiful mom’s birthday! I am sad that I don’t get to celebrate with her in person this year, but I am hoping that this blog post, our phone calls, and our fun surprises serve as a tiny way of showing her how much she is loved and appreciated. Because she is. Very much.

To sum it up: my mom is the best. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. Simply, the best. My mom and I are opposites in every way; I am a Type A, OCD perfectionist who sees the glass half empty, who is incredibly impatient, and who struggles with empathy and mercy. My mom on the other hand is a Type B, easy-going non-perfectionist who sees the glass half full (always), who is incredibly patient, and who exudes empathy and mercy. She is exactly who I need to keep me in line ;) She is my confidant, my encourager, my prayer warrior. She is the voice inside of my head, prompting me to seek Jesus, and she is  the woman of God I desperately want to be.

Moms, I hope you both know how much you are loved and cherished. Happy Birthday!! :)

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