Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catch Up, Part 2

I caught you up on the big important things in my last post. But aside from transitioning into my new job, getting more plugged in with our home church, and continuing to enjoy married life, my "free" time has been spent in a number of different ways...

Showers, Weddings, and Babies!
It is officially wedding season, so we are celebrating with several friends as they enter the joy of marriage. I am helping a friend from the 20s group plan her wedding, so I am spending a lot of time working on those details. Her wedding is around the corner (May 12!) so I will be sure to post some pics of what we have worked on for so many months!

My beautiful sister-in-law is getting married in June and I am a bridesmaid in that wedding. It has been exciting to walk through the wedding fun with her, since she recently walked through it with me! Can I just's really fun to have a sister :) Lindsay pretty much has everything under control, but my bridesmaid duties are calling as showers begin and we look at pulling together last minute details. I found my bridesmaid dress and I am really excited to wear it!

And it also seems to officially be baby season, so we are also watching several (different) friends enter in the joy of parenthood. Some sweet friends from our home church just had their first baby, so I have been working on a crochet project for them. I started with this adorable Newborn Cluster Hat. Since sweet baby Adelaide's room is painted purple, I decided to make this hat in soft lilac. The actual size is probably not much bigger than the photo haha. Baby stuff is so tiny and well, adorable.

**A note: I actually made this hat too small the first time around, so I had to adjust the pattern to make it where baby Addie could actually wear it. Guess I'm learning as I go!

Materials: 1 skein of Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn in Soft Lilac
Tools: Crochet Hook Size H, yarn needle
Total Project Cost: $3.00 ($6.00 if you count the fact I made it twice haha)

I also decided to make a blanket and ended up using this Lazy Daisy Blanket pattern from Red Heart. I loved this pattern, and it was SO easy to do. It just took a little longer than expected, but I am so happy with how it turned out!

Materials: 4 skeins of Vanna's Choice yarn in Crisp White, 2 skeins of Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn in Soft Lilac (not quite a full 2 skeins, because I used the leftover yarn from the hat above)
Tools: Crochet Hook Size G, yarn needle
Total Project Cost: $20.00 (I used those 40% off Michael's coupons!)

My dear friend Austen also had a baby shower for her second this past weekend. I didn't have as much time to pull together a crochet project for her, but it was fun to see her and catch up. It amazed me how someone so incredibly tiny (girl hasn't gained an ounce outside of the baby bump) could be so incredibly pregnant. And so incredibly adorable. I wish I had pictures...but alas, I forgot to take them. Again.

iPhone Rewind
In other news, I looked back through my iPhone to see what random photos I took over the past month...

I caved and actually read the book. In one night. Because I was going to see the movie the next day. Props to the author for writing a good story and for the film makers for making a decently entertaining movie. Too bad I just didn't love the premise.

I snapped this photo on the cover of the Dallas Morning News simply because it made me smile :) This has been a really exciting year to be a bear! The Lady Bears went on to become the 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball National Champions. I have always been proud to be a bear; but the victory just makes it that much sweeter ;)

Hehe. This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. My brother, ladies and gentlemen. He didn't lose a bet, but he was trying to "out-stache" a guy on grounds crew. This is what I met when I went to have lunch with him one Saturday. Gotta love him.

I finally made the cupcakes Mike had bought me for my birthday. It was a way to bribe encourage people to come to Bible study that week ;) They were SUPER yummy! And I love how the little sugar dots matched my cupcake stand exactly.

I have been drinking A LOT of Starbucks. I most definitely enjoy the perks of my husband's job! :) It's fun to enjoy these drinks for free or at a deep discount. My new favorite is an iced chai latte. And yesterday I discovered mocha coconut. Not the most healthy. But it sure tastes awesome!

Aww...brotherly competition. Michael joined us for Easter this year, which was really fun to have him come to our home church. We were bummed because we had planned to have an Easter service out at the park, but had to move things indoors due to the weather. So we made the best of things and enjoyed grilling hot dogs and a few rounds of Guitar Hero and Telephone Pictionary. Hopefully we will be able to head to the park for a service soon.

I think that pretty much covers all of the catch up from the past least some of the highlights. Hopefully I can get into a better routine and get back to blogging regularly. I am definitely going to try to be better. :)


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  1. Oh my goodness, you have some mad crochet skills -- I wish you still lived next door to me so you could teach me how to crochet these cute things! :) And I love the iced chai too -- I better stay away from mocha coconut, I have a feeling I would like that one way too much.