Monday, April 23, 2012

Full Weekend

This weekend was FULL. It wasn't quite the weekend of rest I had planned/hoped for, but it was filled with beautiful weather, wedding fun, laundry, sweet friends, and precious family. 

Friday night, Mike and I enjoyed a walk to downtown McKinney to use a gift card that a sweet co-worker had given us. The weather was gorgeous, and it was fun to walk through our neighborhood. We just talked and caught up on the week, admired the historic homes, and just enjoyed our time together. We really love our neighborhood and the fact that we are so close to downtown. When we arrived at Spoon’s, we were pleasantly surprised to find our friends the Kuykendall’s there. We joined them for the tail end of their dinner, which was fun. We walked back home, rented a movie, and relaxed the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was filled with laundry, budgeting, and wedding planning for my friend Daisy…3 things that I haven’t done in awhile. We also got a chance to see our friends the Rays, as I finally dropped off the baby hat and blanket I made for Addie. We also got to spend the evening having dinner with the Rains. We made grilled chicken and spinach quesadillas and just enjoyed some sweet fellowship and a time of prayer with our dear friends. The Rains are the only people we knew when we moved out to McKinney, so we so cherish their friendship, in countless ways.

Sunday was filled with wedding shower prep for my sister-in-law Lindsay. I wasn’t able to make it to her shower last weekend, so I was glad to get to celebrate with her this weekend!

And of course, we had our home church group as well. We are excited about some things the Lord is doing in our group and building some of the ground work for a church plant. Through some relationships we have built, and through the Lord’s sovereign handiwork, we may have the opportunity to connect with a church here in McKinney as we look ahead to what our next steps will be. We have already had initial discussions with leadership and elders, and we are now focusing on some action items and really just committing the whole process to prayer over the coming months. We would definitely appreciate your prayers! Whether we end up connecting with them or not, (and/or depending on what degree we connect with them), it has been encouraging to us both to connect relationally and to share a heart and vision for reaching McKinney for Jesus.


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