Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nica Laura

Today my sweet friend Laura Minjares is moving to Managua, Nicaragua. Laura was one of the first people I met at Woodcreek. The moment I met her, I instantly liked her. Laura has the incredible ability of making people laugh. I can hardly recount a conversation with Laura where my side did not hurt from laughter. She has the BEST stories :) We served together in the 20s group, she helped me with training Sasha, and I have been so blessed to call her friend.

Laura was also one of the team members I had the privilege of serving alongside on the trip to Nicaragua in June 2010. On that trip, the Lord began to whisper to her heart about moving to Nicaragua. I remember her telling me even on the trip that she could live in Managua. At the time, she laughed and moved on, but over the next year, I had the opportunity of witnessing her steps of obedience and preparation for the mission the Lord was calling her to.

Everything about this photo makes me smile :)

Over the next 2 years, she will be working with the women and ministry of House of HopeI am going to miss my sweet friend, but I am so excited for her! I cannot wait to see how the Lord grows her closer to His heart as He uses her to love those she is called to serve in Nicaragua. The joy and energy she brings to those around her is contagious, and I know it will be an incredible blessing to the women at House of Hope.

So if you think about it today, please pray for my friend Laura as she leaves her friends and family to walk in faith and obedience. Pray that she is able to make Nicaragua her "home" quickly and that she easily adjusts to her new life at House of Hope. Pray for the women she will be ministering to. Pray for the Lord to show Himself to Laura in new and incredible ways, that she would be able to walk in deeper intimacy with her Savior. Pray that the Lord is glorified through her ministry.


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