Monday, August 15, 2011

In Chains: A Documentary Project

Since my trip to Nicaragua, the Lord has been doing some amazing things! He has kept Nica on my heart, and I have been so blessed to see so much accomplished through the ministries and people I had the opportunity to serve with (and continue to partner with). From the continued work of the Refuge Project, to my friend Clint using his gift of photography to create awareness, and to my friend Laura moving down to Managua to serve at House of's so exciting to see the Lord move!

The newest exciting project is close to home because it's within my new family. My brother-in-law Bryan is a media producer and is the founder of 617 Production Group, which provides media solutions for businesses and non-profits. Bryan has a passion to use his media talents to serve the Lord and create awareness. In hearing the stories of the sex trafficking epidemic in Nicaragua and the ministry of House of Hope, he has decided to pursue producing a documentary that will depict the reality of the women and children caught up in the industry. The hope is to inspire and empower others to do what ministries like House of Hope and The Refuge Project are already doing: rescuing women and children from a life of prostitution and helping solve the sex trafficking issue in Nicaragua.

Please be in prayer for this project. They only have a few short weeks to raise the money they need in order to pursue this project. To learn more about the In Chains project, you can check out their fundraising website.

The story that Bryan wants to document is a tragic one; but it is one, I believe, that is near to the heart and compassion of God. I am excited about how the Lord is working in Nicaragua. I am humbled by the fact that He allowed me to be a part of, if even for a brief moment, the precious lives that He loves and knows by name in Managua. I am thankful for those who have heard the stories, witnessed the need, and resolved to put their faith in action. I look forward to seeing how this documentary sheds light on an ugly reality, but inspires others to action and is used to bring hope and healing to those who need it.


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