Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun Updates :)

Move Update
Last weekend I packed up the rest of my things, turned in my keys, and said good-bye to apartment life. I have had the incredible blessing of moving in with a sweet friend from my 20s group; Kelly offered to take me (and Sasha!) in for the next couple of months before the wedding.

Haha- Kelly, we need more pictures together without other people in them...and maybe some where we're not in costume ;)

I am SO grateful for this sweet friend and for her generous heart. It's one thing to let me move's an entirely different thing to let my dog come too! :) I've only been there a week, but I am just so thankful for the time I have with her over the next few weeks. Definitely looking forward to some good roomie time ;)

Sasha Update
Sasha seems to be adjusting well too. She is super excited that she has new friends to play with (Kelly has 2 dalmatians), though she is having to learn to be sensitive to her new friends. Annie likes her personal space, and we all know well Sasha ignores that. And Dell is a little older and unsteady on her back legs, so we have to remind Sasha not to go "Dell- Tipping"  :)

Sasha is also having to learn how to share...

Dell really likes Sasha's kennel, and my dog doesn't know what to do with herself when she finds Dell curled up inside haha. She will look back and forth between me and Dell, whining and wondering what I am going to do to fix the situation. She usually gives up and just decides to stare Dell down...with little success. Otherwise, there is relative peace in the house, which I am grateful for!

Weekend Update
This past weekend, Mike and I headed to San Antonio for a Couples Shower that was given by the sweet BSF staff. It was so fun to see everyone and to introduce Mike to them; I grew up with the staff and they have prayed for me over the years. We were so blessed and overwhelmed by the generosity of staff, both in hosting a beautiful shower and in the gifts they gave. (Pictures to come later...)

It was also fun to spend the weekend with my parents, especially since it was Mother's Day! I still talk to my mom every day, but the phone just doesn't replace a hug :) I was also able to see both of my grandmothers this weekend too, which I am always grateful for that time, as I realize how rare it is that I still have both of them living.

House Hunting Update
We found our new place! :) The house hunting process has been such an incredible blessing...through a friend of Mike's sister-in-law, we were connected with a realtor in McKinney who has been so generous to offer her time to help us search for a house to rent. We were able to give her our "wish list" and she found us this cute little house near the downtown area- we love it!

Mike will move into the house in June, so we'll be able to get things set up and ready for life together when I join him after the wedding. 67 days!! :)


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  1. Aww Dalmations, I miss mine. That Sasha pic is priceless!