Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old Lady-Hood

Seriously guys, I feel like an old lady some days haha. I'm not actually worried about getting old and am far from actually being "old." I am incredibly blessed to be in good health and enjoy being active. But I realized the other day that there are some things in my life that make me look as though I am headed toward old lady-hood :)

1. I go to bed before the 10:00 news....sometimes when you can still see a little light outside...
With my busy schedule, this has actually been very difficult to do as there are just too many things to check off the To Do list every day. But now that some things are slowing down and somewhat normalizing, I am trying really hard to get a little more sleep than I have been getting in recent months. Now, in my defense- I get up ridiculously early for work. But when I was younger, I remember thinking that only old people go to bed early and get up with the rooster haha. That's an image I have in my head of my grandparents. So it's odd to me that that's me now :)

2. I eat Cheerios to help lower my cholesterol
Last year, my bloodwork revealed that I have elevated cholesterol....? So random. I may not always eat the best things for me (I LOVE Dr Pepper and french fries haha), but I would say I live an above average healthy lifestyle. The funny part was that the doctor's recommendations were to do the things I already did- eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Darn those hereditary conditions. Anyway, I started a Cheerios regimen in an effort to lower my cholesterol (their advertising worked on me!) Good news is that it actually helped! I continued eating well and exercising like normal and really only added Cheerios to the equation and this year's bloodwork revealed a better cholesterol score. The sign that I am "old" : I walked out of Target the other day SUPER excited about my Cheerios find- 2 large boxes for only $5. (I really was a little more excited than I probably should have been about the deal on Cheerios...)

3. I take medical food
Ok- so this is is when it really hit me that I was on the edge of old lady-hood. Along with my elevated cholesterol, the bloodwork revealed that I had a Vitamin D deficiency. Apparently, it's not uncommon for those two things to be connected (higher cholesterol and Vitamin D deficiency)... who knew? Anyway, the bad news is that while my cholesterol improved over last year, my Vitamin D actually worsened...eek. So now my doctor has me taking special medical food. It's really just an overdose of Vitamin D...but when you stand in line with the 80-year-old men who are at the pharmacy to get their dietary supplements and medications for their legitimate old-age ailments...and have a discussion with them about the effects of old age...yeah, it'll make you feel old, if even for a brief moment. Of course, what I really heard my doctor say is that I need to spend more time laying by the pool to soak up the sun...and of course boost my Vitamin D levels. Doctor's orders ;)

4. I just blogged about my medical ailments
The #1 sign I look like I am heading to old lady-hood? I'm talking about my medical ailments. On my blog. Like old people do.  :)


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  1. LOL! I hate having to go to be before 10pm but if I don't, I can't function. When did that happen?!?!?! I'm still in denial. The other day I even forgot to set my alarm and still woke up at 5:45am.