Sunday, January 10, 2010

1920s Murder Mystery Dinner!

Last night I got to celebrate my sweet friend Lindsey's birthday. She had a 1920s-themed Murder Mystery dinner! How fun is that? We all received a character, got all dressed up, and had an evening of fun!

I was Guilda Guiseppi, wife of Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Guiseppi, who was the accountant for the father of the Chicago mob. My character was fairly simple; I just had to act innocent, and I had no secrets to hide. We were all in attendance to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Four Deuces speakeasy. With gangsters, hit men, politicians, a jazz singer and many other interesting guests, the night was full of murder and intrigue!

With Laura ("Tom Hops"- the bartender) lol

Jon and Sami (Carrie Crooner and Al Capone)

With Lindsey, Sara, Kelly
(Rebecca Ravioli, Cassandra Steal, Penny Cheatum)

Sara and James (Mr. and Mrs. Steal)

With the Birthday Girl!

Oh the drama...

The Gentlemen

The Lovely Ladies

Such a great group- we look awesome!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

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  1. Thanks!!! I love you so much, and you made the party complete. :) I'm so lucky to be blessed with a sweet friend like you!