Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle

Last Friday I took the afternoon off to catch a flight and spend the weekend in Seattle! When I stepped off the plane, I was met with breathtaking scenery, drastically cooler temperatures, and hugs from my sweet friend April. I hadn't seen her since she moved to Seattle, a little over a year ago, so it was so great to see her! We headed back to her adorable house so I could drop off my luggage, and then she proceeded to make us an awesome picnic dinner that we could take to watch the sunset at Golden Gardens. I was surprised that sunset wasn't until almost 10pm! But it was absolutely worth the wait. Her sweet roommate Mary Grace joined us, and it was so great getting to know her.

The next day April had plans, so I spent the afternoon in Capitol Hill, a neighborhood of Seattle. I walked all around, enjoying the eclectic shops and the amazing weather. When we met back up, we headed down to a site by the water called Gasworks. We had an perfect view of downtown Seattle and the harbour.
That night I got to go to church with April and meet her church family. We spent some time just hanging out with them, then made our way back downtown for a Laura Veers concert at the Crocodile. The time change was starting to catch up with me by then...the sun rises before 5:30am and doesn't set until almost 10:00pm. So there really are not that many sleeping hours in a day! It would make getting up for work much easier, and I love the long days of summer...but it take some getting used to.

On Sunday, we made our way down to Pike's Place Market. We wandered the endless rows of vendors, and bought fish for our dinner that night. We spent more time near the water and the harbor, because I just couldn't get enough of it! The scenery is so different from Texas, and I wanted to soak up every moment. It never rained the entire time I was there...April said people in Seattle just tell people it rains all the time to keep them out- haha. That evening, April cooked our fish for us, and then we went kayaking! Neither of us had been before, so it was a fun new experience. Other than the LARGE boats that came within feet of our tiny kayak and my sore arms the next day, it was so great!
I had SUCH a great weekend in Seattle with April! I was sad to leave, but I was on to my next traveling adventure...

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