Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, Canada!

The main reason why I was even able to spend the weekend in Seattle, was because I was travelling on business to Victoria, BC. I had the opportunity to take a ferry across the border to Canada. When I arrived in Victoria, I felt as though I had stepped back in time. The quaint city had such an 0ld-world feel. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time in this beautiful city in meetings, but with such a late sunset, I was able to enjoy some time walking around.

Ships coming into the harbor

Victoria is so charming!

The historic Empress Hotel

Our last day there, we took a group tour to the Butchart Gardens. It was another gorgeous day, and it was relaxing and peaceful to walk through the gardens. It's hard to comprehend how people can observe such beauty, and yet not recognize God's hand in it.

Some of my favorite flowers from the gardens...

It really was an oasis of beauty!

Right before our last dinner of the trip, I was able to sneak away and take a tour of the Parliament Buildings. I am a nerd; I really enjoy historic tours, and I will be first in line to sign up for tours of the tourist sites. On the tour, I met a sweet couple from Texas!

Overall, the business trip went really well. God was so good to me throughout my meetings and in my presentation. He answered a lot of prayer in terms of safety and favor with my business partners. I was so grateful for the opportunity to spend time enjoying His beautiful creation!

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  1. It's absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you had a good time!