Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Very Happy Un-Birthday (or Early Birthday)

Since my parents were in town for my doctor's appointment, we took the opportunity to celebrate my birthday a little early (and of course, I was not about to argue!) We spent most of Friday and Saturday apartment shopping, which is one of my most favorite things to do. I am not sure why, but I really enjoy it. And my dad wanted to have a say in where I might live next. I found an apartment that I love. It's a perfect location, they will accept Sasha, and it's really pretty. It's perfect! Now I just have to hear back about the job...haha.

For my birthday, my parents bought me the perfume I have wanted for as long as I can remember. I know that sounds weird, but you don't understand how long I have searched for this heavenly scent! A friend in high school wore this particular scent, and I never asked her what it was. So for several years I have gone on a perfume-sniffing hunt to find the right one. No really, I actually did. Sad, I know. Last year, a girl in my bible study walked into the room and I knew right away the scent the followed her. I made sure to ask her what she was wearing; I had finally found my mystery scent! Burberry. I am absolutely addicted to this perfume. I love it! But even though I had finally figured it out, it was never in the budget. So my parents were sweet enough to buy it for me for my 24th birthday. Because, as my mom said, "you only turn 24 once, right?"

Last night, my dad took me to the Cheesecake Factory for cheesecake- my most favorite dessert! Laura, Michael, and his friend Gina were able to join us, which made for a fun birthday celebration. This isn't the best picture, but the only one I took of the night. You get the idea...

I have to say that I am kind of excited about turning 24. It's a year older, and not much of a landmark year, but I just feel as though it's a whole new level. A whole new stage in life. I can't really describe it; but 24 just feels like it's going to be a good year :)

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