Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Cool Stuff

For those who are wondering...I have an interview with Pendley tomorrow at 11 a.m. Prayers would be much appreciated! Could this be the long-awaited answer to prayer?!?! I am really trying not to get ahead of myself. It's a huge answer to prayer just to get an interview. Thank you, Lord! So we shall see tomorrow...
I finally got things settled in the apartment. I am far from unpacked, but at least things are clean, fixed, and cool. God has made me realize how incredibly spoiled I am to have air conditioning. I guess moving into an apartment that lacks a/c will do that to you. Let's just say I won't take it for granted anymore. I am finally financially settled. God provided a sweet lady in the FA office who took the time to walk over and hand deliver paperwork so that I could be settled in time. I unfortunately found out that my work-study money for the summer ran out this past weekend, so I have not been able to work this week like I had originally planned. While that money would have been helpful, it has been a blessing in disguise because now I have the week free for things like interviews, unpacking, meeting repairmen at the apartment, etc. It's cool how God takes care of us in the little things we don't even ask for.
I finished my spanish class today. I will never have to take another spanish class again in my life! I have been taking spanish since I was in 5th grade so I should be fluent, but sadly am not. So any plans of becoming fluent will have to be realized through an international experience. I'm still hoping that God allows that some day. I am glad that summer school in general is over. 8 o'clocks all summer has not been my favorite experience. But God pulled me through and I'm fine. I will have the rest of this week to get settled and rest before the craziness of senior year begins...
I will be leading a Welcome Week group- the "Sic 'em Bears" group, to be exact. I get to have crazy fun with freshmen for a week and I am getting really excited about it.
Classes start the 21st and I am taking 18 hours (yikes!) But the fun part is that all of my classes are my major classes, so I will only have to be in class for things I am interested in.
I will be working...and hopefully that work will be my internship. I'll have to get back to you on that one...
The BEST program starts this semester. Our syllabus was posted a couple of weeks ago and there is so much planned for this semester: meetings with CEO's, company visits, mock interviews, etc. Dr. Artz has already had requests from several companies for the BEST students' resumes. I am told that BEST students graduate with 10-15 job offers. This makes me very happy. I am praying about running for BEST class CEO...LOL. That would be amazing. But the really fun part is the team building and international trip. We are missing the first Friday of classes to go do the ropes course and have dinner as a class- how fun is that?!?! I am so excited to meet these people. And of course, who can forget the trip to Prague? I can't put into words how stoked I am about that trip.
I'll still continue at BSF and I am pumped about the Romans study. I read Romans this summer to get a head-start...and an in-depth study of this book is right up my ally. It's going to be challenging, but I know it will stretch my faith.
I will also be leading a Community Group this year at Highland. I will lead a small group of freshmen girls and we are studying through the Apostle's Creed. The study that the leaders did this summer was amazing and I can't wait to share it with these incoming freshmen.
My good friend Nicki got engaged this summer and I have the honor of being a bridesmaid! So that means fun times wedding planning, dress shopping, bridal showers, girly time, etc.
And of course I will be having a blast with my amazing roomies in our new apartment
So can we say "busy semester"? Haha. But I am really looking forward to it. Not only because its my SENIOR year, but also because God has blessed me with the opportunity to do and be a part of some pretty cool stuff. After this summer, I can't wait to see what He has in store for me this year. I am plunging into the chaos with an open heart to what my Savior has waiting for me...
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