Thursday, June 1, 2006

I'm a Working Girl...and Aliens Influence Art

So I have been working at the University front desk at North Village. It's been pretty good so far- not too eventful. Aside from some goofy boys, it's pretty boring. I do have an offer to have me "some sophomore blood" if I am interested. You'll have to ask about the story- some guys are a bit...forward. Anyway, in addition to working the NV desk, I will start on Monday as an administrative assistant in the office of the dean of the b-school. I'm pretty excited about that job. So I am a working girl now. Unfortunately the pay isn't that great (gotta love $5.15 work study), but at least it's work. And it is work that God provided. I may also have a gig at the Michael's teaching some scrapbook classes, which would be really fun.
So today was my second day of Art Appreciation. What can I say? We appreciate art. Nothing too exciting. Although, today was pretty entertaining. We watched a video on how ancient art may have been influenced by visitors from another planet- mainly aliens and/or extraterrestrials. I am pretty sure the prof was just trying to be cool and make class fun and that he didn't really buy into the whole theory...but it was definitely interesting. In between stifling my laughter and trying to appreciate the art in the film, I started to think about it. It amazes me how people can laugh at Christianity because of the "absurdity" of the whole faith system. And yet they will believe that little green men are the original source of all major religions (which is what the video claimed). Yes, Christianity has to be taken on faith. But I also believe there are elements that are pretty logical, too. I have a logical mind- and Christianity makes sense to me. Sure, there are things I don't completely grasp. But all in all- the "theory" of Christianity is pretty sound. But little green aliens? I don't get it. Why is it not absurd to believe that aliens visit the planet and influence religion and art, but to believe that Christ sacrificed his life for others, is who He says He is, and wants a relationship with us is? Needless to say, I did some praying while I was trying not to be too weirded out by the video...
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