Friday, April 21, 2006

Why Is This So Difficult?

Will someone please remind me to trust God!?!? I get so irritated with myself for not being able to do this simple thing. I really do want to do His will, and I really do know that His ways are best. And yet I still can't seem to nail down this whole trust thing...
Today I received yet another rejection for an internship. I do so well on trusting Him, and then I get a rejection and I faulter a bit. I caught myself applying for more random internships online this morning. And as I was doing this, that little voice inside my head was asking, "Erin, why are you applying for those internships? Don't you trust Me to take care of you? Don't you think I can provide an internship for you even without you having to apply for it?" Yes Lord! Of course I do! Why am I doing this? I know you will work everything out according to your will. I know you are taking (and will take) care of me. 
I guess I am making some progress because I immediately deleted the applications and walked away. I am not going to scramble for some random thing. I am going to continue learning how to trust...prayers would be appreciated regarding this.

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