Monday, April 24, 2006

Hearing from God

Tonight I was sitting in my Bible study, listening to my teaching leader, when God spoke. Can I tell you how absolutely relieved I am that He has spoken. God and I have had some issues with Him being silent. Ok, so maybe I am just the ones with the issues.
Anyway, I realized that I am fighting between 2 separate worlds that God has called me to: being a Christ-follower and the business world. I am fighting against the business world that tells me to put myself out there, work hard, pursue every opportunity, network, build your resume, gain experience, etc. God is telling me, "No, Erin. I want you to wait. I want you to trust Me.I want you to let Me work things out. Because I know what's best for you anyway. I know what I have planned for you. Let Me provide it for you." But I can't help thinking, what about resumes? What about networking? What about interviews, first impressions, making myself marketable, standing out, being competitive in the workplace? Am I supposed to just ignore all of that? God came back with, "Not necessarily, but what about it? Is that not something of the world? Have I not called you to something greater? Am I not able to provide for you without all of that?"
It's so hard because I know God has created me this way for a purpose- to be hard working, to have the desire to give my all in everything I do, to desire excellence, to want to offer God my best in everything He has given me to do. They are all things God still wants from me. All things that are great to exhibit in the business world. But I have all that stuff down. No problemo. But God hasn't revealed His whole plan yet. In the meantime, we're working on faith, trust, hope, surrender. God is going to use me in the business world. I at least know that much. But my main focus is not the business world. It's being a Christ-follower. I have to be a Christ-follower in the business world. So that means doing Christ-like things, even when they may contradict the business world. Which I knew (I mean, duh.) But that even means the silly stuff like resumes, networking, and getting a job...or an internship, perhaps? Because come on...who can be a better connection than God in getting a job?
Some parting thoughts...God's timing is perfect. He will work things out at the right time and in the right way, according to His will. It all goes back to Joseph...he couldn't see God's plan in the pit his brothers threw him in. He couldn't see his plan when he got sold into slavery. He couldn't see it when he got wrongly thrown in prison. And he still couldn't see it when the cupbearer forgot him in prison. But through it all, he never stopped trusting God. He never complained. He always waited patiently for God to reveal His plan. And he waited 13 years for God to reveal it. But when God did, it was so incredibly amazing- something only God could have orchestrated. And something that was worth the wait. Because God had to teach Joseph a few things along the way and He had to have Joseph in the right place at the right time to save his family and Egypt. So who knows what my right time and right place will be. Who knows who God might use me to save or what position God has for me...
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